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  MPEG Video Wizard DVD 5.0 (10/2015)

System: Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7
Language: English/German/Chinese
File size: 13.6 MB (14,334,218 bytes)
Updated: October 2015


1. Free Trial is FULLY functional:
No restriction for the trial: all functions are enabled and none disabled; it's only the license key that is time limited to 30 days.

2. A 30 day free trial key will be generated automatically:
A 30 day free trial software license key is automatically generated at installation; and there is no need for waiting an email or requiring any additional steps.

3. There is ONLY one version for the software:
The downloads are the same for both free trial users and for licensed users, since there is only one version for the software.

4. Please read the HTML help if you are a 1st time user:
For first time users, please take a few minutes to scan through the editor's HTML Help document, by pressing the F1 function key anytime when the editor is running.  


 Document Download:
English (Feb 2010) German (Nov 2009)
pdf Download PDF User Guide pdf German PDF User Guide
HTML Download HTML Help HTML German HTML Help
1. the HTML Help has been integrated into the software as part of its installation (English only), and it can be opened by simply pressing the F1 function key anytime when the editor is running.
2. those PDF User Guides were originated from the online HTML help documents of the respective software; but they are usually lagging behind the HTML document for updating to the latest changes. For best reference, please use the HTML version.

Release History

 October 2015 Update Release (

1.(BUG) loss of sound at the end of a large MP4 file.
2.(BUG) very slow seek response in audio player for MP4 files.
3.(BUG) error in loading subtitles at certain file locations.
4.(BUG) missing subtitle selection in DVD export for certain VOB files.
5.(BUG) improvement of the image blur (Gaussian) filter.
6.(BUG) unnecessary re-encoding of a few B-frames for copied segment.

 February 2015 Update Release (

1.(BUG) Crashes during adding clip from monitor to timeline.
2.(BUG) DVD video chapter error and menu playback problem.
3.(BUG) Loss/mixed-up subtitle text items for DVD export.
4.(BUG) DVD subtitle color problem with VOB's without IFO file.
5.(BUG) Sound data inconsistency after random jumps.
6.(BUG) PTS calculation error for PCM audio packets in export.
7.(BUG) Crashes during DVD export for projects with resizing.
8.(BUG) no sound for projects longer than 6.4 hours.

 June 2014 Update Release (

1.(BUG) automatically disable video overlay for Windows 7/8.
2.(BUG) input monitor video frame accuracy after a cut.
3.(BUG) DVD chapter starts at images before the selected frame.
4.(BUG) failure to load (DTS) audio for M2TS file.
5.(BUG) incorrect background image for default DVD menu page.
6.(BUG) incorrect display for "small icon" view in project manager.

 December 2013 Update Release (

1.(BUG) DVD export crash during data resizing.
2.(NEW) ".wav" audio input files for MPEG Muxer.
3.(BUG) image resizing error for Aspect-Ratio-Filter.
4.(BUG) DVD menu button settings for "stretch image" and "1st selection."
5.(BUG) export errors for re-encoded WBP clips.
6.(BUG) crash during layout change with an image in Input monitor.
7.(BUG) incorrect image resizing after a cropper operation.
8.(BUG) filter function and UI selections ("Pan" and "Cropper").
9.(BUG) error in video picture headers with unused motion vectors.

 June 2013 Update Release (

1.(BUG) DVD preview loss of sync for files with PTS jumps.
2.(BUG) inconsistent file type selection for loading files.
3.(BUG) failure to open wav files with "ADPCM (MS)" encoding.
4.(BUG) failure to load H.264 video in non-MTS MPEG-2 TS files.
5.(BUG) "disabled" clip visible when the clip is seeked on timeline.
6.(BUG) sync problem for files with negative (-1 field) PTS jumps.
7.(BUG) no audio for video clips dragged into sound track(s).
8.(NEW) export volume modification at audio encoder settings.
9.(BUG) error in "pixel style" for "picture-in-picture" transition.
10.(BUG) length errors for multi-program MPEG-2 TS files.
11.(NEW) reset audio time when its completely offset with video.
12.(BUG) loss of (a few) ending frames for certain VOB files.

 December 2012 Update Release (

1. (NEW) preserve input DVD subtitle color settings in DVD export.
2. (NEW) support video clips on the title (2nd) track.
3. (NEW) automatic opening of DVD Reader tool.
4. (BUG) A/V-sync problem for video files with data drops.
5. (BUG) incomplete loading of subtitle streams from DVD input.
6. (BUG) crash errors for certain MTS files.
7. (BUG) software key access for multiple users.
8. (BUG) error loading MPEG-2 video in MTS format files.
9. (BUG) clip length error in export batch from bookmark list.
10. (BUG) failure of importing MP4 audio in MPEG-2 TS files.

 December 2011 Update Release (

1. (BUG) loss of repeated fields for re-encoded video.
2. (NEW) export image resize control for padding/clipping.
3. (BUG) loss of sound when AC-3 audio bit rate changed.
4. (BUG) two subtitle display and selection errors.
5. (BUG) player jumps to the end when video is shorter than audio.
6. (NEW) timeline workarea and bookmark pass-through of a WBP clip.
7. (BUG) incorrect frame rate selection for non-MPEG frame rate.
8. (BUG) export failure due to spurious audio track.
9. (BUG) crash for certain MP4 MOV files.
10. (BUG) incorrect default export audio encoder selection.
11. (BUG) DVD export resize failure for multiple audio.

 September 2011 Update Release (

1. (BUG) failures for opening M2TS/AVCHD video files.
2. (BUG) incorrect frame rate for certain M2TS H.264 video files.
3. (BUG) export video error for certain re-encoded PAL segments.
4. (BUG) half speed audio for MOV file with mono sound track.
5. (BUG) errors for video with still images and large PTS jumps.
6. (BUG) reverse video error on the timeline.
7. (BUG) TS CBR export errors for buffer control and size estimate.
8. (BUG) seek failure for MP4 file with time offset.
9. (BUG) playback may end with a blank image display.

 June 2011 Version Release (

1. (NEW) field display mode for Input monitor.
2. (BUG) AV sync problem for negative PTS jumps.
3. (BUG) incorrect frame rate for certain M2TS files.
4. (BUG) video playback stall for certain M2TS files.
5. (BUG) additional black frame at end of MP4 export.
6. (BUG) incorrect disk size error for burning ISO image.
7. (BUG) MOV file PCM sound error.
8. (BUG) DVD menu errors including image button display.
9. (BUG) timeline audio peak display error for wav audio files.
10. (NEW) increase max number of clips in timeline to 8,192.

 March 2011 Version Release (

1. (BUG) cannot open HD TS files without PAT.
2. (BUG) sample rate conversion error for audio longer than 6 hours.
3. (NEW) display two subtitle texts simultaneously in Input monitor.
4. (BUG) allow more than 18 menu buttons on one DVD menu page.
5. (NEW) menu buttons for audio and subtitle selections.
6. (BUG) MPEG-2 Transport stream PTS time stamp errors.
7. (NEW) MPEG-2 Transport export with CBR control.
8. (BUG) loss of user data in GOP header for re-encoded video.
9. (NEW) direct import of some MTS (AVCHD) files (e.g., Canon).

 October 2010 Update Release (

1. (BUG) unnecessary image resizing for MP4 export.
2. (BUG) DVD export crashes for certain VOB file with subtitle data.
3. (NEW) selection of audio transitions for all video transitions.
4. (BUG) incorrect decoded image for H.264 video with B-frames.
5. (BUG) failure to open video only MPEG (".mpv") files.
6. (BUG) DVD export resizing failure.
7. (NEW) audio transitions under the project effect listing.


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