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GOP Trim:

Check this box to trim a video clip on GOP (I-frame) boundaries. With this option checked (ON), the saved file will be on an I-frame boundary and the packet structures of the original file will be preserved except at the beginning and the end of the saved file. Therefore, a "GOP Trim" is almost like a binary cut to an MPEG file. Please note that the saved file by a "GOP Trim" will always include both the Mark In and the Mark Out frames. Also, please note that this option will affect all trim jobs in the trim batch list.

GOP size compliance for DVD recording:

Check this box to require that all exported MPEG movies will have the GOP size compliance for DVD recording. This will introduce partial video re-encoding to those GOP's that exceed the maximum GOP size set by the DVD standard.

Use CRC error protection:

Check this box to require that all exported MPEG-1 audio frames will have the CRC error protection code. This is a requirement by the DVD standard format for the inclusion of MPEG-1 audio, but it is often ignored by most DVD systems.

Re-encode the whole audio if any part needs re-encoding: 

Check this box to re-encode the whole audio track if any part needs to be re-encoded, such as a fade and a transition. This is useful to avoid any sound discontinuity that may be introduced at the connecting point between copied part and re-encoded part.

The default selection is to re-encode only those segments for which the sound has been modified. However, for some sound track this may introduce an audible sound artifact at the point across the re-encoded fade section and its immediate following copied sound segment, especially for a continuous single pitch sound.

Select this option will ensure the continuity of the whole sound track, but at the expense of added computation for re-encoding the complete sound track.

Automatically save multiple audio streams for the video track:

With this option checked (the default), the editor will save all unselected audio streams included in the video clips on the video track of the timeline. For those unselected audio streams, the editor will not apply all the editing operations that have been applied to the video clips, it will only copy the existing audio.

Preserve Field Order:

This is the default setting for exporting NTSC MPEG-2 video with repeated fields as frequently found in movies that are originated from films which have a 24 frame rate. If this is unselected, the editor may destroy the original field order in the exported video for such movies. Thus, it's highly recommended that this option be always selected.

No re-encoding for bit rate change over VBR files:

This option is used to direct the export to output the video as a stream copy without re-encoding when the video encoder (peak) bit rate is set to be lower than that of the input files, and when there is no other video encoder change.

This is useful mainly for an MPEG file whose video bit rate was set much higher than its actual data rate.

Trim file name:

Select one of the four methods listed for the auto-generation of the output file names.