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2. How to Open MPEG Movie

How To
1. How to getting help
2. How to open an MPEG movie
3. How to change playback speed
4. How to jump to any frame in a movie
5. How to select a video segment
6. How to play only the selected video segment
7. How to copy a video segment
8. How to delete a video segment
9. How to insert a video segment
10. How to add transitions with special effect
11. How to take a snap shot
12. How to save a video clip
13. How to select video encoder parameters
14. How to save your editor session to a project file
15. How to schedule your save with a project file
16. How to Display Encoding Frame Types
17. How to use command line trim processing

MPEG Audio Player

MPEG Audio Editor

To open an MPEG movie, you will follow exactly the same steps as you do to open a computer file.

MPEG files use several file name extensions. Most frequently used MPEG file name extensions are ".mpg", ".dat" (Video CD), ".vbs" (video only bit stream), and ".mp2" (MPEG-2).

The editor brings up a new video player for every successful open operation.

Currently, the editor limits the number of simultaneously opened MPEG movies to 4.



1. How to getting help

3. How to change playback speed