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   Womble EasyDVD (10/2015)

System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Win 7
Language: English/German
File size: 16.5 MB (17,383,203 bytes)
Updated: October 2015


1. Free Trial is FULLY functional:
No restriction for the trial: all functions are enabled and none disabled; it's only the license key that is time limited to 30 days.

2. A 30 day free trial key will be generated automatically:
A 30 day free trial software license key is automatically generated at installation; and there is no need for waiting an email or requiring any additional steps.

3. There is ONLY one version for the software:
The downloads are the same for both free trial users and for licensed users, since there is only one version for the software.

4. Please read the HTML help if you are a 1st time user:
For first time users, please take a few minutes to scan through the editor's HTML Help document, by pressing the F1 function key anytime when the editor is running.  


 Document Download:
English (July 2010) German (Dec 2009)
pdf Download PDF User Guide pdf German PDF User Guide
HTML Download HTML Help HTML German HTML Help
Note: those Womble EasyDVD PDF documents were originated from the online HTML help documents of the respective software; but they are usually lagging behind the HTML document for updating to the latest changes. For best reference, please use the HTML version.

Release History

  October 2015 update release (

1. (BUG) loss of sound at the end of a large MP4 file.
2. (BUG) very slow seek response in audio player for MP4 files.
3. (BUG) timing error for linear PCM audio output.
4. (BUG) no sound for DTS audio even with external decoder.

  December 2013 update release (

1. (NEW) De-interlace image for source video clips.
2. (BUG) DVD export crash during data resizing.

  February 2012 update release (

1. (NEW) DVD burning SKD update from 4.0 to 5.0.
2. (BUG) failure to identify certain DVD burner on Win7.

  July 2011 update release (

1. (BUG) crash for loading certain AVI files.
2. (BUG) AV sync problem for negative PTS jumps.
3. (BUG) M2TS file load problems with frame rate and player stall.
4. (BUG) PCM sound error for certain MOV/MP4 files.
5. (BUG) crash when switching audio tracks.

  March 2011 update release (

1. (NEW) DVD export batch manager.
2. (NEW) menu buttons for audio and subtitle selections.
3. (NEW) optional light color (blue) skin selection.
4. (BUG) cannot open HD TS files without PAT.
5. (BUG) loss of user data in GOP header for re-encoded video.
6. (BUG) sample rate conversion error for audio longer than 6 hours.

  July 2010 update release (

1. (NEW) subtitle selection and language settings for DVD export.
2. (NEW) DVD subtitle data stream preservation for MPEG-2 PS input.
3. (NEW) more audio format support for MP4, AVI, and MOV files.
4. (NEW) cut function in the Input for non-MPEG-2 video.
5. (BUG) PTS offsets in input VOB files with multiple angle video.
6. (BUG) failure to load certain MPEG-2 video without GOP headers.
mpeg video wizard dvd
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